paramaribo | suriname


Paramaribo´s historic center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site (WHS) in 2002 thanks to its wealth of colonial-style wooden buildings erected during the city´s foundation by the Dutch back in the seventeenth century. While the concentration of monuments holds a great potential for the sustainable development of Paramaribo´s historic center, the inner city is in a state of urban decay and neglect. Many buildings are in a poor physical condition. Residential and commercial functions strongly declined over the past decades as people gradually moved to the suburbs. Due to the lack of functional diversity and permanent residents, the historic center turns into a deserted area after office hours. Residents from other neighborhoods do not like to visit the historic center for shopping or recreational purposes. This creates a perception of abandonment and insecurity.

Urban Strategy

In order to achieve the goals and realize the vision developed for the historic center, the strategy proposes a set of specific projects. The projects cover different areas and aspects of the historic center and aim to make the site attractive for residents, businesses, creatives, and visitors. This includes recommendations in the fields of public space, transportation management, and culture, which all play a key role in enhancing the attractiveness of the historic center as a residential area.

June to October, 2017

Authors: Ida Jusic, Lisa Vlasak, Roland Krebs, Markus Tomaselli, Marco Chavez, Tamara Egger