monteria | colombia


Today, with markets increasingly being replaced by supermarkets and shopping centers, it is essential to strengthen the role of these iconic spaces. The Central Market, which is located in the historical center of Montería, is not only an emblematic node where city meets country, but is also a space where regional cultural identity is present through the intangible heritage of culinary enjoyment and sensory experience. The marketplace is an historical building in the popular art deco style. Today, the area is characterized by lively activity outside the market hall on the informal market; inside, however, the building has been abandoned and is heavily underused for storage purposes. The second floor of the market hall is empty as well. It is an important meeting place, which has a structuring role for the city—bringing communities together. Hence the importance of the recovery of the market as a vital point of convergence for the city.

Urban Strategy

The urban strategy for the rehabilitation of the Central Market and its surrounding neighborhood is based on three strategic public space projects that will be developed in stages. Through these projects we seek to increase the appropriation by citizens and visitors alike of all public spaces throughout the day and also at night. During the day, the marketplace functions as a commercial center ensuring the area’s vitality. During the night, the Cultural Plaza del Río will be the main meeting place where citizens can gather under the proposed canopies; special events will be held and spaces will be available to promote regional gastronomy.

May to October, 2014

Authors: Fernando Cortés Larreamendy, Andreas Hofer, Astrid Erhartt-Perez, Claudia Marcela Duque, Roland Krebs, Lina Teresa Buitrago, Sebastian Sattlegger, Nacira Palomo, Duley Meza, Deborath Lucía Gascón Olarte, Valentín Alejandro Urbina Palmera, Marleny Sánchez