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The Infanta neighborhood is located in Las Heras, in the northern part of the metropolitan area of Mendoza. Las Heras is a predominantly low density residential area with neighborhoods lacking basic infrastructure and services. Economically, the area is highly dependent on the city center of Mendoza and neighborhoods are strongly fragmented due to a lack of public spaces and social interaction amongst inhabitants. The Barrio was constructed in the 1970s, financially supported by the Inter-American Development Bank, and mutually created by self-organized housing cooperatives. Within these neighborhoods a strong potential for self-organization and identity has existed until today. But Infanta is poorly connected to the city center, hence neighbors feel disconnected and isolated from urban life.

Urban Strategy

The urban strategy for the Infanta neighborhood proposes the creation of a system of green spaces that will integrate and protect local environmental assets, as well as provide new infrastructure for cultural, sport and recreational activities. It aims to integrate the neighborhood into the rest of the city, improving its accessibility and connectivity for public transportation, cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, new housing developments using mixed-use typologies, spaces for commercial activities and local retail business at the neighborhood scale will be established.

June, 2014 to August, 2015

Authors: Roland Krebs, Marco Chávez, Dominique Mashini, Sebastian Sattlegger, Andreas Hofer, Álvaro Uribe, Peter Scheibstock