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The central area of Nassau is made up of two communities: downtown Nassau and Over-the-Hill. Every day, downtown Nassau attracts thousands of visitors who come to shop, dine, sightsee and enjoy the tropical climate of the city. However, locals, particularly young people, tend to avoid the area because they consider that it only caters for tourists. Furthermore, since the old industrial port on East Bay Street was relocated in 2012, many waterfront properties have been left vacant and businesses in the area have been in decline. Over-the-Hill is an area literally located past a natural ridge rising behind the southern edge of downtown Nassau. Mostly a residential area, with Grants Town and Bain Town as its main centrality, Over-the-Hill is home to low-income families and is commonly referred to by Nassau people as a “ghetto”. Run-down buildings and a lack of basic infrastructure, like water and sanitation, are accompanied by a shortage of public space.

Urban Strategy

The central Area of Nassau will be structured by its main roads: Bluehill Road, Market Street, East Street as vertical collectors from South to North and East Bay Street and Bay Street from East to West. The local regeneration strategies are located in the historic downtown area of Nassau and the two Over-the-Hill communities: Grants and Bain Town, whereas downtown and East Bay Street will be rejuvenated by a new waterfront and boardwalk; and Grants and Bain Town will be regenerated by housing and public space interventions. These areas are only a short walk apart and a regeneration of the green ecosystem and articulation of dense urban arteries will be completed.

October, 2015 to August, 2016

Authors: Roland Krebs, David Kostenwein, Sarah Benton, Andreas Hofer, Daniela Sanjines, Arthur Kanonier, Valaria Pintard-Flax, Andrés Blanco, Arturo Samper, Peter Scheibstock, Marco Chavez, Vicky Grijalva, Peter Scheibstock, Basilis Neururer, Vlad Popa, Ida Jusic, Marina Mitrovic, Marlies Findening, Philipp Stiassny, Johanna Lindinger, Romina Priesner