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As a result of Bahia Blanca´s rapid urban growth during the past decades, its connection with the port has been severed, while extensive, dispersed occupation of land has been favored. Many of these dispersed spaces are located in peri-urban areas in the southern sector of the city, resulting in a lack of centralities other than the historical city center. The Spurr neighborhood is located in a strategic area on the southern edge of the city—between the city center and the port. The area is very poor in infrastructure and most of the inhabitants originate from low income families. Amidst the functional and structural relationship between the port areas, the neighborhood is adjacent to the railway tracks and the Spurr station, a former railway station where passenger trains used to call. Only freight trains are still in use; these never-ending freight trains run a few times a week, rolling through the flat, dispersed cityscape of the Bahia Blanca.

Urban Strategy

The complexity of catalyzing urban development generating long-term housing units for over 12,000 new inhabitants calls for the design of a master plan. Considering that the projected development also seeks to reverse patterns of urbanization that have been generated along low density principles and with important deficits in neighborhood living qualities, it is necessary to design a master plan that can define new criteria and guidelines to organize the territory. The master plan has been broken down into three strategic projects to give an impetus to the neighborhood’s development. The plan is being implemented according to a systemic approach, i.e. taking principles of social integration, community development, and urban renewal into consideration.

March to July, 2016

Authors: Chistof Mathes, Valentin Hofer, Roland Krebs, Dominique Mashini,  Markus Tomaselli, David Kostenwein, Emiliano Reale, Arrigo Reale, Isabella Faggiano, Matias Llorens Mazzanti, Marina Taborda, Federico Rudolf, Mariano Rudolf, Olga Wainstein, Alicia Gerscovich